When does a sprint is considered fully completed?

GoRetro Team
August 22, 2022
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Calling the sprint ‘completed’ translates to building all the features that made up the sprint goal, then testing them against the pre-written acceptance tests and having a successful outcome. However, if the feature doesn’t pass the tests, it isn’t complete. It has to pass all tests before it can be regarded as complete. 

Now, some scrum teams define sprint as completed if the feature(s) are deployed to production, while others will be ok if all features pass its acceptance tests and labelled as “production ready“. 

Furthermore, a feature can be shown to stakeholders, and if not accepted it will also be regarded as incomplete and returned to the Product Backlog as a new user story. At this point, the team will have to size it in story points and prioritize it as any other Backlog item.

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